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More than just a pitstop on your way  to Mildura, St Arnaud is well worth stopping at for a while. Why not stop at one of our historical pubs in town, then work off your country pub meal with a wander through town.

History abounds:

Learn about St Arnaud's gold-rush history. Dubbed 'New Bendigo' in the mining era, St Arnaud's past is still reflected
in the grand buildings along the Cultural Heritage Trail, which features the post office,
the old court house and Victoria's oldest fire station.

Wander the manicured gardens of Pioneer Park and the Queen Mary Gardens, and admire the town's
cast-iron lace work verandas. If you're in town in November, celebrate the town's history with
the locals at the annual St Arnaud Festival.

Park adventures:

Drive on out to St Arnaud National Park and follow the four-wheel drive tracks or walking trails.
Spot native wildlife and vibrant spring wildflowers, and venture down to the Teddington Reservoir
to camp out or fish in the nearby lakes and rivers.

Patch Silo
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Why not stay at the gateway to the Silo Trails, rest up in comfort at the St. Arnaud Caravan Park before embarking on day trip of exploring the Artistic Silo Art Trail.

The Silo Art Trail celebrates regional Australia in a modern and accessible artistic context.

The silos have been strategically selected for maximum visual impact and to ensure visitors have the opportunity to engage with multiple communities and outback tourism destinations in the Wimmera and Mallee region.

 The Silo Art Trail has provided an opportunity to reinvigorate decommissioned sites and celebrate local communities and farming history.


St Arnaud's Historical Society and Museum located in the old Turncock's residence, next door to the old fire station which was built in 1883. This is the oldest fire station in Victoria. Inside is the bucket and ladder cart which the firemen used to pull the equipment to the fire.

The Turncock's residence is on the left. When there was a fire he had to rush off and turn on the water supply before the firemen arrived. The Historical Society located at 12 Napier street, also has a research area with access to historically significant documents, cemetery records, and artifacts from St Arnaud and surrounding area's.

Other historical buildings in the area are, Crown Lands Department, Old Court House, Old Post Office, Kara Kara Shire Hall, and the Town Hall.  For more information visit our history page.


Many prospectors come to St. Arnaud to find gold. There has been a lot of gold found around St. Arnaud and districts, including some of Victoria's largest nuggets. Why not give it a try yourself! You can book a training day or even hire a detector or two, and try your luck in the rich goldfields of
St. Arnaud. Just ask when booking or attending the office to find out more information on this ever so growing hobby.


The Queen Mary Gardens and Angwin Memorial Gates,  make a highly significant aesthetic and visual contribution to the predominantly Victorian and Federation streetscape. Established in 1884.  They demonstrate original visual and design qualities which include the open lawn areas with isolated mature exotic broadleaf and coniferous trees; garden beds of annuals; rose bed; perennials with a border of annuals; ornamental pond; wide and deep stormwater drain; wide, well maintained gravel paths; and the ornamental front gates of bluestone and cast iron.


Welcome to the St Arnaud Sports Club!

Located at Lord Nelson Park on Charlton Rd, we are the ideal location to get together with friends and family, whether it be within the warm and inviting bistro for a delicious Don’s Kitchen meal, or the bar for the coldest beer in St Arnaud.

St Arnaud Sports Club has a long and rich history and has always been the place for the locals. Come visit us, relax, and be served by our friendly and attentive team. We welcome everyone to experience the difference at the St Arnaud Sports Club

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